How to select the best tyres for my car?

With what seems like a million different choices when it comes to choosing tyres, how do you select the best tyres for your car, your budget and your own personal needs? In this short article we will discuss the types of tyres available and which ones will suit your needs and more importantly, your budget.

It’s important to know the size of your tyres first, especially if you are ordering them online from an online tyre store, as doing it this way, the tyre seller cannot look through your computer screen to make sure your tyres are the correct size, so that would be your responsibility, where as visiting a garage is more useful, as the engineer can look for himselp and recommend you the best tyres based on your budget.

Quality in price is where rubber meets the road (so to speak) Although cheaper tyres still adhere to a strict set of required standards by law, the higher quality tyres will last much longer and provide a better driving experience, and the difference between the low cost tyres and the high quality tyres is simple, it’s price.

Pay as much as you are willing to pay per tyre, as the more you do pay, means a higher quality tyre, well, in most cases this will be true, unless you visit a questionable garage who are only after your money. Know what your looking for before you buy anything as some people who sell tyres are just trying to rob you to make a quick buck.

Premium tyres, although costing much more offer far higher quality materials and construction than your budget tyres and will generally last for 15k to 20k miles under normal usage. As premium tyres are manufactured by the best companies in the world, these particular company invest heavily in tyre research, so you benefit from better stopping distances, grip, fuel economy, lower noise levels and better handling in poor weather conditions.

This does not mean that if it rains, a cheap tyre will smash you directly into a wall, but what I’m saying is that when you pay that little bit extra, you attain more from the tyres handling and control features that are integrated due to investments in research on this matter.

Mid-range tyres, although may not be manufactured from the well known companies, you will still feel alot of research and technology has gone into their development and can many times offer the same level of handling and control as other similar premium brands. These are ideal if premium tyres are out of your price range.

Budget tyres are ideal when weather conditions are at their best, which means in summer, budget tyres can perform just as well as the premium tyres, although will not perform well in wet or wintry type weather conditions, so watch out for that wall!

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