Why do I need an MOT for my car?

Is your vehicle 3 years older or more? If so, then you are required to have a valid MOT certificate, by law. The Ministry of Transport test, which is otherwise known as the MOT, is a vehicle safety check carried out on an annual basis to ensure your vehicle meets the minimum levels of exhaust emissions and safety standards. as set by the DVSA.

During the MOT test, a mechanic who is accredited by the DVSA will assess your vehicle by conducting a comprehensive set of checks and inspections around the vehicle, including under the bonnet, interior and exterior, which ensure your car is not a risk to yourself or other road users.

As these checks are been carried out, the results of these checks are recorded by the engineer and if your vehicle passes, then you will be awarded with a VT20 certificate, although if it fails, you will be given a VT30 document along with an outlin eof what the vehicle has failed on, which is all based on the condition and how your vehicle performs on that specific day.

If there are any advisory items on your list, this will not cause your vehicle to fail the MOT test itself, alternatively, you will be given a seperate list of what the engineer thinks needs to be ressolved as soon as possible, or you can even get the same garage to ressolve the advisorys while your car is there, which is highly recommended so you don’t later forget and cause other issues to the vehicle or cause an accident involving other road users.

Your MOT is required to be renewed each year if your car is 3 years or older, so it’s your responsibility to ensure this is completed successfully each year and you have a valid MOT certificate at all times, as you will be unable to renew your road tax, which means even insurance companies may not renew your policy, if your certificate has expired.

As the whole MOT system has been computerised, mobile camera units and pilice officers are able to detect whether your MOT certificate is valid or not, from a remote location, so to ensure you don’t attain any points on your license and get a fine from local police, then make sure your MOT is always valid.

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